Monitoring and Evaluation

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system has been put in place in order to ensure that useful, reliable, and timely feedback is provided to LCBCCAP partners and other relevant stakeholders. This information and analysis assists partners and other stakeholders to assess whether the objectives of the project are being met, to identify necessary measures to address bottlenecks and weaknesses, and to assess the implications of the project beyond its immediate beneficiaries. The system assists implementing partners draw lessons from the experiences of the project. The monitoring and evaluation system serves as a management tool both in respect of the project as a whole, as well as in respect of its main components.


Categories of Activities

The programme has several activities grouped into categories. The categories that are being monitored and evaluated are listed below:


1.Capacity Of Local And District Institutions To Plan, Implement And Monitor Intergrated Climate Change Adaptations Increasedrolex Klockor
2.Improve Forest Management And Governance
3.Intergrated Management Plan For Lake Chilwa Basin Hotspots Developed And Implemented
4.Measurable Indicators Of Performance
5.Monitoring And Evaluation System Developed And Implemented
6.Programme Impacts Monitored
7.Programme Management And Oversight Enhanced
8.Programme Outputs Monitored
9.Vulnerability Of Basin Households Reduced Through Improved And Diversified Livelihoods And Natural Resource Management