Impact Areas

The Programme is being implemented in 10 selected hotspots in the Lake Chilwa Basin comprising villages from the three districts of Machinga, Phalombe and Zomba. These hotspots are:

Zomba District:

  • Zomba Mountain Forest Reserve with a focus on Likangala River and Zilindo and Namadidi settlements
  • Lake Chilwa (Zomba Side) focussing on Chisi Island, Mchenga and Kachulu beaches
  • Malosa Forest Reserve and Domasi River
  • Ngwelero EPA focussing on Mayaka, Steven and Chimbeta Sections

Phalombe District:

  • Michesi Forest Reserve and Phalombe River Bank
  • Mpoto Lagoon and Sombani River including Swang’oma Beach and Njalo Island
  • Mikongoloni Hill and Chisengeleni river
  • Chitekesa- Nambazo Stretch

Machinga Districts:

  • Nacala Corridor, Namanja Beach and Mpiri River
  • Chikala Hills including Mposa Beach, Lingoni river and Zumulu river Catchments

Target Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the Programme are local communities dwelling in selected villages within the hot-spots. In addition, local and district institutions dealing in environment and natural resources management will benefit from capacity building programmes provided by the programme. The Programme will also support partner institutions with resources to enhance their capacity to deliver essential services to the communities so as to enhance their resilience and adaptation to climate change.