Development of LCBCCAP Monitoring and Evaluation System

A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system has been developed using the existing District Assembly M&E platform. This system has been tailor made to meet project objectives, the District Assembly and Norwegian Embassy reporting needs. These needs include capacity to assess impact of the project interventions and the development of indicators by communities for participatory monitoring.

The project partners, the District Assemblies and the Norwegian Embassy worked closely during start-up to refine indicators and milestones. The M&E system is used to provide a foundation for the performance management plan which is reported on a quarterly basis.

The LCBCCAP has built in-house capacity to maintain the M&E system including a database for routine monitoring of key indicators of the project success. The system also uses satellite imagery and GIS applications. Specifically, the project monitoring system: (i) generates information on project operations; (ii) provide causal links between project resources, implementation of climate change adaptation strategies; improved forestry and natural resource management and enhanced resilience to climate change at the farmer, community and district levels; (iii) ensures that lessons learned are captured; and (iv) ensure that timely actions are taken to correct inefficiencies and problems to keep the program and interventions on course towards meeting the proposed objectives.