Core Principles of the LCBCCAP M&E System

The LCBCCAP M&E system is useful by way of:

  • providing early warning in respect of problems with design, implementation, and impacts
  • assisting the making of an informed decision regarding whether and how to ‘better implement the project
  • providing a time series data base which will produce longitudinal data about the impact of the project

Many M&E functions may be delegated or out-sourced, however some dedicated, central M&E responsibility is necessary. The M&E system must be as objective as possible, but also feasible. The LCBCCAP M&E system has been integrated from the start within a broader M&E system, which is the responsibility of the WorldFish Center, LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa and Forest Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM). The systems developed is used by and be useful for the other activities related to climate change adaptation.

The LCBCCAP M&E system is robust, ensuring that:

  • the administrative requirements are manageable and that the reporting requirements are realistic
  • implementation of the system does not impose too many additional duties on District and other staff already having many other responsibilities
  • implementers are conscientized as to the purpose and value of the M&E system, and are not under the false impression that the M&E systems serves as a management supervision tool