Category Name : Vulnerability Of Basin Households Reduced Through Improved And Diversified Livelihoods And Natural Resource Management

vulnerability of basin households reduced through improved and diversified livelihoods and natural resource management (households and enterprise adaptive capacity improved)

There are several activities in this category and below is a list of these activities with a brief description of each.




1.Conduct Exchange Visits To Learn About Innovations, Best Practices, Benefits Of Collective Action
2.Develop Basin Scale Maps Of Vulnerability To Climate Change Shocks Using Secondary Data
3.Establish Demonstration Plots/activities
4.Establish Revolving Fund For Energy Technology
5.Facilitate Communication Of Need For Social Services
6.Identify And Promote New Igas
7.Pilot Solar Fish Dryers
8.Provide Business Development Support
9.Raise Awareness In Communities Within And Outside The Basin On How Their Energy Choices Effect Nrm
10.Strengthen Small-scale Producers And Trader's Access To Markets
11.Train Extension Personnel And Lead Farmers
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